Stephen Fry finds an Ideal Husband

Stephen Fry Wedding

Whenever a Virgoan and a Taurean fall in love not only do the angels weep for joy, but the musical ones who play the harps and lutes excitedly compose wedding music for the impending nuptials.

And so it was when Stephen Fry, a Virgoan born on 24th August and Elliott Spencer, a Taurean born on 1st May found themselves targeted by Eros and his trusty bow.

Taurus is immediately attracted to Virgo’s quick wit and sharp mind while the reserved Virgo admires Taurus’ strength and confidence.

Sharing similar values and goals they complement one another perfectly as the caring Virgoan gently guides and encourages his partner while the calming Taurean soothes the fretful Virgoan and stops him indulging in his favourite pastime – worrying.

For one thing is certain: Virgos love to worry. It’s not that they want to worry it’s they just can’t help themselves. Taurus on the other hand sees no point in wasting time on this negative emotion and will quickly pull their partner up with words of reassurance and encouragement.

For this is truly an old fashioned romance with the essential ingredients to ensure it lasts.  This pair instinctively understands and encourages each other and as well as being well-suited partners they are also best friends.  Simply put, they are soulmates.

The Spanish call a soulmate your “media naranja” or “half an orange”.

So rejoice! Having located your missing segments you can venture forth together into the big bad world and celebrate like a sun-kissed satsuma.

But this love is not blind.  It’s a relationship with its eyes wide open.

The perceptive Virgoan can smell a rat a mile away and not even the most audacious charlatan would attempt to deceive this master of intuition. Not that the Taurean would even try; for duplicity is not his way. Plain-speaking and upfront, he is open and honest about his feelings and just as the Virgoan with his x-ray vision can see through any situation, the sensitive Taurean can read his partner like a book, knowing how to cool the Virgoan’s fevered brow when temperatures rise.

The Taurean relaxes the anxious Virgoan, encouraging him to explore his own passionate nature that is concealed behind his cool, calm exterior.

In return, the thoughtful Virgoan is quick to respond when dark clouds gather around the normally sunny Taurean and with a few well-chosen words and an invitation to share in an epicurean adventure, harmony is restored and a jolly good time is had by all.

There’s quite simply no stopping this relationship.  It’s like a runaway train (most likely the Orient Express, as both these signs love luxury) and all the wide-eyed travelers standing on the platform can do is cheer excitedly as the locomotive whizzes past filling them with hope that they too will someday find their “half an orange”.

David Scott is the author of Cloak of Decency.

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